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How to Teach your Kids Chess when you Don’t Know how to Play Yourself

You probably know by now the many benefits of teaching your kids Chess. By learning how to play Chess, children also improve and develop important cognitive skills like strategical thinking, creativity, problem solving and analytical and critical thinking. While playing, Kids improve their concentration abilities and learn how to think ahead, solve complex problems and how to make difficult decisions – both over the board and in real life.

This is all great and fascinating – but what are parents supposed to do when they want their kids to learn Chess, but don’t know how to play themselves?

When your child learns Chess by themselves there’s the disadvantage of your kid going through the learning process alone, and you not being able to play along with them. By not knowing the game, you are missing out on an important mutual experience that you can have together.

ChessMatec has got you covered with easy steps to use when teaching your Kids how to play Chess, when you yourself don’t know how.

Learn the Basics

First, you will need to understand the basic rules of the game. This includes learning the Pieces’ names, their properties and movement, their value and how each Piece captures. It also includes learning about the Chess board and how to set-up the Pieces, and learning about the meaning of Check and Checkmate. By learning these basic rules, which are not very hard to understand and remember, you will have common ground with your Kids and will be able to begin to play mini-games and basic strategies with them.

You can find easy-to-understand explanations of all these basic rules in our Resources Page here:

Use the ChessMatec Video Tutorials and Stories

So you can learn the basic rules of the game, but that still doesn’t mean that your kids will stay motivated to learn and play! On the ChessMatec YouTube Channel you will be able video tutorials and fun stories and fairytales. You can use these in order to teach your kids how to play in a fun and exciting way. We’ve found that it is much easier to reach young kids and to get them interested in Chess by trying to “speak their language” – and they are more likely to stay motivated to learn once their imagination is sparked. Our YouTube Channel offers a variety of fairytale stories that teach the game of Chess in an imaginative way, and video tutorials that will help you teach your children the basic rules and properties of Chess. The videos are fun and self-explanatory so kids learn from them while having fun, and you as the parents don’t need to teach them yourselves.

Head over to the ChessMatec Youtube Channel to check them out:

Use the ChessMatec App

Our App is divided into eight worlds – starting from the very basics of Chess and progressing to more advanced tactics and strategies. The ChessMatec game is a multi-platform tool - it can be used on PCs, tablets, and smartphones alike and the student can keep their progress across all devices. We put an emphasis on the child's independence and their ability to learn new skills by themselves. Our platform is self-explanatory and allows the player to learn the rules of Chess by themselves. You and your children can log in to the App and learn Chess together while playing a gamified, animated and colorful game that will keep you motivated to learn!

The ChessMatec App is now available for a 50% OFF discount when purchased through our website:

Click Below to Play

By following these three easy steps, every parent can teach their kid how to play Chess, even without knowing how to play themselves.



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