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Everyone can teach and learn with ChessMatec

Join over a thousand teachers in delivering your students the best Chess Education.
It would help if you had all the curriculum, tools, and resources to support your students on their path to success in Chess.

ChessMatec Today

Kids Learn Chess
3.000+ Schools & Kindergardens
10M+ puzzles solved

Comprehensive K-3 Curriculum

ChessMatec provides teachers with lessons that are prepared for beginner and intermediate students. Lessons include innovative learning tools like original stories, movement games, teamwork assignments, developmental puzzles, and much more.

ChessMatec App

The most advanced, user-friendly chess app on the market, ChessMatec integrates chess problem-solving into an entertaining learning system that’s fun for young kids.

Video Lessons

These videos comprise the “plot” of our story, and utilize the storyline and animation to teach children everything there is to know about the basics of chess.

Classroom Management

Easily create classrooms, import students, and see helpful metrics.

Loved by Teachers & Trusted by Kids

We asked our Teachers a couple of questions about ChessMatec so that you can get to know them too! What do you like about ChessMatec? What is the biggest challenge in teaching young kids?


Ryan Brookwell is Chess Teacher from Calgary, Canada

What I love most about ChessMatec is that I can use chess as a tool to teach kids about sharing, taking turns, and developing their emotional awareness and social skills. When they enjoy my lessons, they start wanting to learn about chess even in their free time.

Naama Levy is Chess Teacher from Holon, Israel

With ChessMatec I act like an actress to fascinate them and also use a variety of tools. Otherwise, I hear sentences like “I don’t like chess”, “chess is boring”, etc. Moreover, it takes time to make the kids remember the rules of the game, so I need to repeat them over and over again in many different ways until they do.

Vlad Rekhson is Chess Teacher from Calgary, Canada

I like the exciting ChessMatec exercises and the fact that kids get immediate feedback on how they do. The biggest challenge is making it fun for the kids and helping them improve their game all at the same time.

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