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Plans for Teachers

Save up to 50%! 

        Our Teacher’s Package includes:

  • A Dashboard where you can track your student's progress and achievement

  • Access to the ChessMatec Campus, which holds all of our fully developed lesson plans, including worksheets, stories, homework, games, and activities. 

  •  Access to the ChessMatec App (with 2000+ levels).

  • Access to the ChessMatec video lessons on the ChessMatec Web Portal.

You can take a look at an example of a lesson for the Rook in the ChessMatec Campus here:

Our Teacher’s Package discount rates:





If you decide to go ahead and purchase any of our packages above, please send us a screenshot of the payment confirmation so we can get your accounts set up as soon as possible. 

Also, please feel free to reach out to:
with any questions or concerns, and we'd be happy to help!

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