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Teach Chess at your Home School

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

During the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of parents are looking for educational online platforms in order to keep their children motivated to learn – we at ChessMatec have the solution! Trying to teach your child how to play Chess on your own, especially if you are not a Chess Master yourself, can be scary and daunting. You might feel that without the right learning environment teaching your kid to play chess at home is an impossible task – but we are going to prove to you that it is exactly the opposite. With the right tools and attitude, you too can teach your child the game of Chess and even make it fun.

Many articles have proven the virtues of learning Chess and how they relate directly to success in school. Children who begin to learn Chess at a young age have a proven development in their reading skills as a result of improved pattern recognition and concentration skills. In addition, there is a proven increase in problem solving abilities, complex thinking capabilities and even an improvement in the ability to deal with test-taking anxiety and thinking under pressure, amongst many others. So, the decision to start teaching your child how to play Chess at home is a no-brainer.

Here is how to get started:

1. Make it fun

The first step to teaching your child to play Chess is the most important one – they need to want it first. One way to get your child interested in the game is to make it fun and friendly for them. Chess is not ju

st a black and white board and pieces – it can also be fun and creative. The ChessMatec app, for example, has a colorful green board and an interchangeable Chess set that will keep your kid inspired.

2. Have a Plan

We make your life easy with the ChessMatec program that provides all the curriculum, intuitive tools, and resources you will need in order to teach your child how to play Chess. ChessMatec provides you with prepared digital lesson plans that include such innovative learning tools as original stories and video lessons, movement games, puzzles, worksheets and more, so that even if you are a novice in Chess you can still help your child learn.

3. Tailor the program to your child

At ChessMatec we believe that everyone learns at their own pace, and each child is different. At ChessMatec we incorporate different learning techniques into the curriculum to make sure that each child learns in the best way that is possible for them. You can use our worksheets, video lessons, movement games that keep your kid active or App to tailor the learning experience to your child.

4. Practice!

Everybody knows that practice makes perfect, and we provide you with all the tools necessary to help your child practice their Chess skills. Our ChessMatec App, which has 1500+ levels that vary in difficulty, will provide your child with the platform they need to practice.

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