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ChessMatec App

The ChessMatec App is an interactive educational game, the most advanced one for learning and practicing the game of chess in a fun and exciting way. ChessMatec makes chess training online easy and fascinating and makes it possible for each boy and girl to progress at their own pace.

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Our aim at ChessMatec was to “Gamify” the game of Chess – we made it colorful and animated, filled it with mini-games and puzzles and gave Children a chance to learn Chess online through a fairy-tale!

The ChessMatec App is suitable both for beginner players, but also for more advanced ones. We divided the game into small lessons so that each Child can learn at their own pace and according to their level.

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Our App is divided into eight worlds – starting from the very basics of Chess and progressing to more advanced tactics and strategies. The ChessMatec App has more than 2000 stages created by Chess Grandmaster Boris Alterman in which the players must overcome the monsters and save the Chess Pieces in a game full of adventure.

Link about GM Boris Alterman on Wikipedia: 

ChessMatec App Levels

The different Worlds are comprised of Levels and Challenges that teach the Child about all the pieces, their moves and Chess tactics.

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World 3.PNG
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  1. Rook

  2. Bishop

  3. Queen

  4. Knight

  5. Pawn

  6. King

  7. Mix Pieces

  8. Smart Capture

  9. Threat

  10. Check

  1. Getting out of Check

  2. CheckMate

  3. Protected Piece

  4. Castling

  5. EnPassant

  6. Hanging Piece 1

  7. Hanging Piece 2

  8. Hanging Piece 3

  1. Mate in One Queen

  2. Mate in One Rook

  3. Mate in One Bishop

  4. Mate in One Kinght

  5. Mate in One Pawn

  6. Mate in One Pawn Promotion

  7. Mate in One King

  8. Mate in One Start of the Game

  9. Mate in One Mix 1

  10. Mate in One Mix 2

  1. Double Attack Pawn

  2. Double Attack Bishop

  3. Double Attack Rook

  4. Double Attack Queen

  5. Double Attack Knight

  6. Double Attack King

  7. Double Check

  8. Double Attack mix 1

  9. Double Attack mix 2

World 5.PNG
World 6.PNG
World 7.PNG
World 8.PNG
  1. Skewer

  2. Pin 1

  3. Pin 2

  4. Discovered Check 1

  5. Discovered Check 2

  6. Discovered Check with Sacrifice

  7. Discovered Check with Attack + Pin + Mixed + Free Capture

  8. Removing the Defender

  9. Mixed Tactics 1

  10. Mixed Tactics 2

  1. Mate in Two Queen

  2. Mate in Two Rook

  3. Mate in Two Bishop

  4. Mate in Two Knight

  5. Mate in Two Mix 1

  6. Mate in Two Mix 2

  7. ​Mate in Two Mix 3

  8. ​Mate in Two Mix 4

  9. ​Mate in Two Mix 5

  10. ​Mate in Two Mix 6

  1. Decoying 1

  2. Decoying 2

  3. Deflection

  4. Annihilation of Defense

  5. Smothered Mate

  6. Mate in Two 1

  7. Mate in Two 2

  8. Mix Tactics 1

  9. Mix Tactics 2

  10. Mix Tactics 3

  1. Queen Sacrifice

  2. Double Attack

  3. StaleMate Combinations

  4. Mate in Three 1

  5. Mate in Three 2

  6. Mate in Three 3

  7. Mate in Three 4

  8. Mate in Three 5

  9. Mate in Three 6

  10. Endgame

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Each level begins with a short animation that gives an example and an explanation of what the upcoming exercise will entail. The Animations are a tool to teach the Player different Chess Tactics - like how the Rook moves and captures, or how to Check the King.

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As the game progresses the Player will have a chance to Test their knowledge at the end of each level to measure their own progress, and they can even Play Chess against the computer according to the level of difficulty that they’re currently learning.

The ChessMatec App has a Bonus World called "Space Adventure" that has creative Chess Puzzles and is built like a quiz! One of the levels in the World, called the "Dark Maze", helps the players work on their memorizing ability in order to get the Chess Piece where it needs to go through the blacked-out maze!

Dark maze.jpg

Our App gives children a sense of control and a freedom of choice. The players can customize their Chess Set, choose to replay any level or test until they get a score that they are satisfied with, or play in any of our 13 different available languages.

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The App is suitable from to Kids starting from 3 years of age and is accessible on a variety of platforms that allow connection from any computer, tablet or smartphone from anywhere and at any time.

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In our ChessMatec Chess For Kids App you will be able to learn and play Chess!


Our ChessMatec App is built with all the lessons that will teach children how to play Chess from the very basics and up to very advanced levels – all created in a gamified, animated and colorful fashion that makes it easier for the kids to learn.


At ChessMatec, we took the game of Chess and divided it into small and colorful lessons so that the Child has fun learning how to play in their own pace.

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