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ChessMatec для детей

От основ шахмат до продвинутой тактики и стратегии и мата в 3 хода!

Basic advanced
Levels red Star Container

2000+ уровней

Safe for kids

Совершенно безопасно для детей


Набирай очки и следите за прогрессом!

Fun and interactive

Весело, интерактивно и познавательно

Login device

Войди в с любого устройства: планшета, смартфона или ПК!

Languages flags

Переведено на 13 языков

Set pieces

Выберите свой шахматный набор

Вы учитель шахмат?

ChessMatec для учителей предоставляет полный план обучения, дружелюбные и понятные инструменты и ресурсы, необходимые для успешной реализации шахматной программы.

Queen teaching chess
Container price Orange
Best Value


  • 2000+ levels and fun challenges

  • Online support

  • Future releases


rook with a gift

Посмотреть трейлер

  • Are you a chess teacher looking for a chess app to go along with your classes??
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  • Is chessmatec for kids the same with chessmatec for teacher?
    A child with an account receives a User with access to the full version of the ChessMatec game and can play it from the Web, a Tablet or a Smartphone. For teachers we have two different options. The first is a Teacher's account where the teacher receives access to a dashboard where they can track their student's progress, create classrooms and see helpful metrics. The other option is a Teacher's Campus where our teachers and coaches can enjoy fully-planned lesson-plans and video stories that teach Chess in a fun and engaging way. Head over to the "Teacher's" page for more information.
  • Having issues making a purchase?
    To use the 50% off (Fide endorsement) please click here The discount will apply automatically. The discount is available for all users! The discount for yearly purchases only. The payment is for one time, with no automatic renewal. For more information click here for contact us
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