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The Chess Moves

Each Chess Piece can move in a different way and direction


The Rook is another powerful piece that can move in a straight line forwards and backwards through any square on the board that isn’t occupied by another piece. To capture the other player’s pieces, the Rook needs to land directly on the piece’s square.


The Bishop moves in a way that is opposite to the Rook – he can only move diagonally and step on any square that isn’t taken up by another piece. If a Bishop starts the game on a Black square, he will only be able to step on Black squares for the rest of the game, and the same goes for a Bishop that starts the game on a White square. Similarly to the other pieces, the Bishop can only capture an opponent’s piece by landing on the square that the piece is standing on.


The Queen, in the same way as the King, can move in every direction – horizontally, vertically and diagonally. Unlike the King, however, the Queen can move in a straight line all the way to the other side of the board, stepping on every square that isn’t taken up by another piece – making her the most powerful piece in the game of Chess! The Queen can capture a piece by landing directly on the other player’s square.


The Knight is a unique piece – it can move two squares forward or backward and one square to the side, or two squares to the side and one square forward or backward, so that his movements resemble the shape of an L. The Knight is the only piece in the game of Chess that can skip over the other pieces (much like a horse gallops over obstacles) when it moves.

Even though he can skip over squares while they are occupied by other pieces, the Knight can only capture a piece that is standing on the square he lands on (the tip of the L).


In Chess, the King is a slow piece that can move only one step in every direction – forward, backward, to the sides or diagonally. The King can capture any of the opponent’s pieces that are standing in any square surrounding the King.


The Pawns are also unique pieces for multiple reasons:

1. For one, they can only move forwards one step at a time, and not backwards, but when they capture the other pieces they can only do so when the opponent’s piece is on a square diagonally in front of them. If another piece is standing in front of the Pawn, he will not be able to keep moving, but if an opponent’s piece is standing diagonally in front of the Pawn on the squares that are closest to him – he can capture it!

2. The Pawns’ other special ability is that only when they first more from the starting position, they can choose to jump over the square immediately in front of them, almost like a trampoline, therefore moving forward by two squares. If another piece is blocking his way, however, the Pawn won’t be able to move.

3. The Pawn has another extremely special ability – even though he is weak and small, if a Pawn manages to reach the other side of the board he can be promoted to any piece of his liking except the King (because there can only be one King in the Kingdom!). Once the Pawn is promoted, he can move in the same way as the piece he was promoted to moves. For Example, if the Pawn is promoted to a Queen he will move like a Queen, if he becomes a Knight he will move like a Knight and so on.

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