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The Chess Pieces
In Chess, the checkered board is divided into two sides so that every player places their Chess Pieces on squares closest to them. Each player starts the game when they have sixteen pieces on their side comprised of one King, one Queen, two Rooks, two Bishops, two Knights and eight Pawns.



In Chess, the objective of the game is to “get” the other player’s king, making him the most important piece! Even so, he moves “slowly”—taking only one step at a time and then pausing to think. The King needs time to think because he is responsible for the entire Kingdom!




The Queen is the strongest and most powerful piece in the Kingdom! She’s fast, and active and can do just about anything she wants! The Queen does everything quickly and decisively as she protects the King.



Other than the queen, the Rook is the most powerful and direct of the other pieces. The Rook looks a lot like a castle and travels in straight lines (Ranks and Files).



As the messengers of the King and Queen, the Bishops start the game next to the royal couple, ready to act! The Bishop cuts across the board at a diagonal, delivering messages throughout the land.



The Knight (horse) is the cleverest of the pieces. Only the Knight understands how to jump over other pieces and move in such an unusual manner—just like a real horse, galloping through the hills.




The little Pawns are the children of the Kind and Queen. The Pawns represent the most pieces on the board – there are eight of them! A single pawn by himself isn’t very powerful, but if they work together, they can protect each other and are indeed very strong.

In the first World of our App called "Chess Basics" you will find that the first six lessons explain the basic rules of each of the pieces.


Below are downloadable PDF Worksheets so that you can start practicing learning about the Chess Pieces.


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Our ChessMatec App is built with all the lessons that will teach children how to play Chess from the very basics and up to very advanced levels – all created in a gamified, animated and colorful fashion that makes it easier for the kids to learn.


At ChessMatec, we took the game of Chess and divided it into small and colorful lessons so that the Child has fun learning how to play in their own pace.

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