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Sometimes, while playing Chess, neither player wins or loses – and a Draw is called. A Draw will be called in Chess in multiple scenarios – Stalemate (explained separately), if there is a Mutual Agreement, Threefold Repetition, the Fifty-Move Rule or if there is Insufficient Material.

Mutual Agreement

When both players agree to Draw – this type of Draw is called a Mutual Agreement. At any point while playing Chess one of the players can offer the other to Draw – and if they accept the game is declared a Draw.

Threefold Repetition

While playing Chess, a Draw is declared when a player has made the same moves, or is about to make the same move, three times in a row – since the player cannot make any progress. For example, if a player’s King is threatened by another piece and moves to the same square three times in a row in order to escape – a Threefold Repetition Draw is called.


Fifty-Move Rule

The Fifty-Move Rule of Draw is a strange one – it states that if both players haven’t made any progress in fifty moves – the game is declared a Draw. If both players haven’t captured any of the other player’s pieces or moved their pawns in fifty moves – a Fifty-Move Draw is declared.


Insufficient Material

An Insufficient Material Draw is called in Chess when neither player has enough pieces left on the board so that they can Check-Mate the other player. For example, if both players only have their Kings left on the board, neither one of them can Check-Mate the other, since the Kings can’t get close enough to each other to do so. In instances like this, an Insufficient Material Draw is called.

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