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We’re very excited to announce that we recently launched the ChessMatec Portal for Parents - the ultimate tool to help you teach your children chess and doesn’t require any prior knowledge of the game from you! The portal is built especially for you, the parents, and consists of everything you need to know about how to teach the game of Chess - including the ChessMatec video stories and tutorials, explanations and basic rules of the game, songs and recitations, downloadable worksheets – and much more.

At this point you are probably asking yourself: "Well, but how much does is this going to cost me?" Let me calm you down and catch your attention - the Portal is open and free for all ChessMatec users! Do you have a subscription to the ChessMatec App? You can log in to the Portal today and start using it.


So, where should you start?

First and foremost, head over to the Portal website at You can now enter the Portal with the same username and password that your Kids use for the ChessMatec App:

The portal is divided into four parts – the ChessMatec Lessons, The ChessMatec App, ChessMatec Online and the ChessMatec Blog. By clicking on "ChessMatec App" or "Play Chess Online" you will be taken to the relevant platform without re-entering your username and password. In our Blog you will find a variety of interesting articles and studies that we update every week.

And what will you find under “ChessMatec Lessons”?

We put together 30 special and interesting lessons – starting from the basic rules of the game with lessons like "Starting Position" and "the Chess Pieces", to more advanced lessons like "Castling", "Double Attack" and "the Pin". You can take a look at a sample lesson we have created for you about the properties of the Rook:


At the beginning of the lesson, a video story will appear first. Each lesson has its own video that tells a different story and through it the children learn the different rules, guidelines, and moves. In the video of the Rook, for example, the actor playing the “Pawn” teaches us how the Rook moves and how it captures the other Pieces. Later on in the video, we hear a story about the Queen of the Chess Kingdom who picked a large and beautiful bouquet of flowers, but because of a big storm and a strong wind her flowers flew and scattered all around the Kingdom and she asked for the Rook’s help to get them back. Through the story, the interesting characters and the eye-catching animation, the children learn to play chess with fun and ease!

Below the video you will find four different activities:

The orange tab will have a summary that accompanies the video and gives a brief explanation of the material taught in it.

After watching the video, you can log in to your account in the ChessMatec App and play the levels and exercises that match the lesson in order to practice and master the techniques.

In the green tab you will find free downloadable worksheets and coloring pages that will also help you learn and practice in an interesting and exciting way.

Last but not least is the pink tab which has a recitation and song of every rule and move for you to learn and recite with your children. You will read one line and they will follow after you, and together through the song you will learn the different rules!



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