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Live Chess Lessons

We at ChessMatec want to give you the best online chess-learning experience – so we’re providing you with all the tools necessary!

Our Chess program can be taught both in a physical classroom and remotely. We provide you with all the material you will need in order to conduct chess lessons – both in person and online. The world has changed in the last couple of decades – technology has shifted the way people receive and perceive information.


Teachers and Educators are looking for ways to connect with their students through different approaches since the classic way of teaching has become dated. For the generation of Kids today, learning Chess online can make it a fun and interactive experience – instead of a chore.

Through our program, we provide Chess teachers and coaches with the ChessMatec for Teachers option. Our students get access to our ChessMatec App where they practice and learn Chess from the very basics all the way to advanced tactics, and the ChessMatec Online platform where they can play online against other students worldwide or against the computer. In turn, our teachers get access to a Dashboard where they can track their students progress in the App and assign them homework and assignments.

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In our ChessMatec Chess For Kids App you will be able to learn and play Chess!


Our ChessMatec App is built with all the lessons that will teach children how to play Chess from the very basics and up to very advanced levels – all created in a gamified, animated and colorful fashion that makes it easier for the kids to learn.


At ChessMatec, we took the game of Chess and divided it into small and colorful lessons so that the Child has fun learning how to play in their own pace.

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