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Check is a situation in the game of Chess where a player’s King is threatened directly by another player’s piece.

If at any point in the game a player’s King is threatened directly by another player’s piece so that in their next turn, they will be able to capture him - the other player has put the King in “Check”.

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Getting Out of Check

A player can get his King out of Check by :


moving another piece between the King and the piece that is threatening him in order to block the line of threat.


Moving the King to a different square so that he is not threatened by Check anymore.


Capturing the threatening piece.


While playing Chess, a player can never make any move that puts his King directly in the direction of another piece so that he is in Check.

Here is a video tutorial explaining how to get out of Check!

Below are downloadable PDF Worksheets so that you can start practicing Checking and Getting out of Check.

More Rules


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