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Play Chess with Kids

Teaching chess to a young child is of course possible but should be done carefully. The game of chess is fascinating, varied and contributes a lot to the development of thinking, but if taught incorrectly - may deter the child for many years and that is a pity! Therefore, do not rush!


A good point to start with is by playing "pre-chess" games with your kids – meaning playing games only with certain pieces on the board so that your child can understand the strategies associated with each different piece.

Some examples of pre-chess games include:

The Memory Game,

the Pawn Game,

the Wolf & Sheep Game

and the Officers Only Game.

For more information – see our blog below!

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In our ChessMatec Chess For Kids App you will be able to learn and play Chess!


Our ChessMatec App is built with all the lessons that will teach children how to play Chess from the very basics and up to very advanced levels – all created in a gamified, animated and colorful fashion that makes it easier for the kids to learn.


At ChessMatec, we took the game of Chess and divided it into small and colorful lessons so that the Child has fun learning how to play in their own pace.

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